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Marketwell Nutrition specializes in launching and marketing natural products, integrative medicine, and innovative medical devices. Working with us, you will have access to extraordinary copywriters, graphic designers, web marketing experts, and visual media producers

Riccardo Accolla, PhD - President

Riccardo is a Neuroscientist by training, with expertise in Flavor Perception, and over 10 years managing Innovation programs in the Food and Ingredient industry. With comprehensive understanding of all challenges involved from raw material discovery/sourcing to global regulatory and consumer acceptance, Riccardo and the MarketWell Nutrition Team are your to-go experts in marketing innovative functional ingredients.

As an Innovation Director at Firmenich, the world's biggest privately own flavor house, he worked on specific solutions for sugar and salt reduction that went from lab concept to a 25 MUSD business in less than 3 years, now integrating many well known Better-For-You Food & Beverage brands.

His current endeavors and achievements include helping two disruptive biotech bringing sustainable and healthier solutions in the market through key strategic alliances, and developing intellectual property and launching new digestive and brain health food and supplements for vivaNUTRITION, a US/Chinese startup.

Riccardo is also guest speaker in ingredient innovation and sensory processing at scientific/academic and trade events. His work on taste perception has been published in high impact peer reviewed scientific journals and he is also featured in technical trade press such as The World of Food Ingredients, Perfumer & Flavorists. He is member of transdisciplinary Think Thanks on Food Innovation lead by McGill University in Montreal, Canada, and the Sackler's Institute of Nutrition Science in NYC, and he's very active in the Food startup ecosystem community as mentor of local food accelerators/incubators.

He obtained a PhD in Neuroscience from the Swiss Polytechnic Federal Institute (EPFL) in Lausanne, Switzerland, and a MEng in Biomedical Engineering from the Polytechnic School of Milan, Italy.

The MarketWell Team:

From start-ups to multi-nationals, our team has successfully crafted strategies to enter and win in the marketplace. We have led global sales, marketing, IP portfolio management, and business development for some of the largest ingredient and CPG companies.

Creative and Visual Arts:

The MarketWell team boasts award-winning visual effects artists, graphic designers, cinematographers, and accomplished writers and directors. They have created computer-generated images for a wide variety of formats and launched award-winning and viral web marketing campaigns across the country.