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MarketWell Nutrition, Inc. to support Ginkgo’s Customer Prospecting, Engagement and Communication in the Health and Nutrition Sectors

December 13th, 2016

MarketWell Nutrition, Inc., a leading consultant for global sales, marketing and strategic business development in the dietary supplement, medical and functional food industries, and Ginkgo Bioworks, a leader in cultured ingredients and designer organisms, signed a consulting contract that will allow MarketWell Nutrition to support Ginkgo Bioworks' initiatives in customer prospection, engagement and communication in the global health and clinical nutrition sectors.

“We are very proud to work with Ginkgo Bioworks,” said Doug Lynch, CEO of MarketWell Nutrition. “We believe this integration marries our expertise and knowledge in the clinical nutrition segment, regulatory awareness, and commercial relationships with multinational ingredient manufacturers, with Ginkgo's vision of designing microorganisms to produce sustainable, value-added functional ingredients. As human population increases and biomass for botanicals and marine life becomes more difficult to procure, Ginkgo Bioworks offers cutting-edge solutions to uniquely benefit our industry.”

The interaction between these two companies helps Ginkgo Bioworks, a privately funded Boston-based biotech leader, to expand its B2B relationships and position in the health and nutrition sectors.

Founded by 20-year industry expert Douglas Lynch, MarketWell Nutrition offers both B2B and B2C companies the ability to launch ingredients and finished products (supplements, cosmetics and personal care), through a combination of digital and traditional sales and marketing tactics.

Dr. Riccardo Accolla, who has extensive experience in innovative ingredient discovery, technical marketing, and healthy product formulation, will join the MarketWell core team on the work with Ginkgo Bioworks. Dr. Accolla, CEO of a-T4H Consulting, brings a wide range of relationships in relevant industry channels as well as a thorough understanding on how to translate biotechnology advances into value propositions for the customer. “I am thrilled to partner with MarketWell Nutrition on this initiative with Ginkgo Bioworks. I am convinced their game-changing approach will have a positive, long-lasting impact on the nutrition industry for the decades to come”, said Dr. Accolla.

About MarketWell Nutrition, Incorporated:

The Princeton, NJ company specializes in launching and marketing natural products, integrative medicine, and innovative medical devices. Founded in 2014, by Douglas Lynch, MarketWell assists clients with a comprehensive product launch strategy; from inception, positioning, sales, marketing, and finished product representation. MarketWell creates custom and creative solutions to bring their clients’ products and technologies to market. For more information, visit